All in one nail dryers: professional small drying machine, nail dryers for curing all gel and regular polish. This portable nail polish machine can dry gel polish, nail art, normal nail polish, acrylic, shellac, nail paint, enamel, pedicure,etc

Fast and quick dry: There are 5s, 30s, 60s Timing function, which can dry your nail quickly. You can speed up the drying process by switch the time.

Comfortable and helthy: 24w and 48w two power, can feel free to switch to ease hand pain. Using fluorescent LED lamp and UV beads, effectively filter out the black light waves, so that your hands are not roasted black. White lights, no harm to eyes.

Portable use: can be used at salon and home. This automatic nail dryer can dry Toenails and hand Fingernails. Life expectancy 50,000 hours, can be used at least 3 years

Smart sensor: when you put your hand in, the dryer will light up automaticly. When you hand out, the light will automatically turn off