48W Sun Light Uv Led Lamps Toenails Fingernails Gel Dryer Electric Polish Drying

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  • Save $29

  • All in one nail dryers: professional small drying machine, nail dryers for curing all gel and regular polish. This portable nail polish machine can dry gel polish, nail art, normal nail polish, acrylic, shellac, nail paint, enamel, pedicure,etc
  • Fast and quick dry: There are 5s, 30s, 60s Timing function, which can dry your nail quickly. You can speed up the drying process by switch the time.
  • Comfortable and helthy: 24w and 48w two power, can feel free to switch to ease hand pain. Using fluorescent LED lamp and UV beads, effectively filter out the black light waves, so that your hands are not roasted black. White lights, no harm to eyes.
  • Portable use: can be used at salon and home. This automatic nail dryer can dry Toenails and hand Fingernails. Life expectancy 50,000 hours, can be used at least 3 years
  • Smart sensor: when you put your hand in, the dryer will light up automaticly. When you hand out, the light will automatically turn off
  • Nail dryer set: include 1 piece of nail dryer machine, 1 piece of nail kit, 1 bottle of nail rhinestone decorations, 1 bottle of shell pieces

LIFE MAGIC BOX smart nail dryer

Advanced design lightweight portable

This mini electric nail polish dryer is designed by the Italian designers based on ergonomic design, compact and lightweight, high-quality space. It is very convenient for whether nail shops or home-service manicurist.

White eye whitening first


At present, all nail machine technology is a purple light source, working in the violet environment will hurt eyes and health. When accidentally Irradiate naked eye, will have a sense of sting and produce phantom! 

This curing nail polish dryer is the first whitening healthy white light, the light is very comfortable and gentle, no injuries!





UV LED pure light beads

UVLED lamp bead application has not yet universal, this advantage to solve the problem of no longer with CCFL and UV lamp. Mercury lamp is toxic and harmful non-environmentally friendly and easy to damage, UVLED is a very long life cold light source, the quality is very stable, the key can do all the gel!


Innovative for manicure and nail care products

Temperature adjustment is not afraid of heat hands

Another impressive feature is the 2/1 power button, you can instantly adjust the 48W power to 24W, if some of the gel formulations are not good will cause nail pain, this feature is the most intimate.

Ultra-high-power fast-drying, five seconds only

48W power, simple nail gel 5 seconds to dry. Time-saving efficiency is the most valued thing for nail shop and nail care enthusiasts.


Large space for gel evenly lighting

Inner design space is more than half the diamond lamp, 30 pieces of high quality UVLED lamp beads, full range of exposure, even if for thumbs.


Removable floor can be used for hands and feet

The bottom with a magnetic metal floor, strong adsorption and easy to take off,  very convenient for drying toenails and fingernails.


Infrared sensor, three gear timing

With intelligent infrared sensor + three gear timing 5S, 30S, 60S, easy to operate, meet the needs of a variety of gel and nail artists.


Smart fan quality assurance

CPU-class cooling fan, work automatically start cooling, lamp beads longer life!


Life 50,000 hours, at least 3 years to use. one year warranty. Consumers do not have to worry about quality problems


girls nail set with dryer


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