Additional Lens of 0.43X Fisheye Camera 58MM Super Wide-angle SLR and Digital Camera Lens

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  • Brand Name:Life Magic Box
  • Type:Fixed Focus Lens
  • Focus Type:Wide-Angle Lens
  • Launch Date:2014
  • Package:Yes
  • Compatible Brand:Canon,NIKON,Pentax,Sony, Minolta,Sigma,Samsung,FUJI,Casio,Panasonic
  • Aperture Range:F1
  • Caliber:82MM
  • Focal Length:Ultra wide-angle lens
  • Model Number:Ultra wide-angle lens
  • Lens UV Filter Size:82mm
  • Weight:350g
  • Use:Camcorders
  • Lens structure:Two groups, two pieces.
  • Maximum aperture:F1
  • [Light] focal distance:nothing
  • Filter caliber:58mm
  • Minimum aperture:F1
  • type:Lianr


Product Name: Extra Wide Angle Lens
Product Color: Black
Product Material: Al-Mg Alloy + Optical Glass + Coating
Interface diameter: 58MM
Front end diameter: 82MM
Magnification: 0.43
Structure: two groups of two pieces
Package: original protective bag, front and rear lens caps, original packaging
Suitable for the Canon/Nikon/Sony/Minolta/Pansonic/Olympus/Pentax: all SLR and digital cameras
Product Status: Brief Introduction of New Products:

This product is made of high performance optical glass. It is suitable for digital cameras, digital cameras, no dark angle design. Advanced coating technology brings high transmittance. The inner wall and edge of the lens barrel are blackened to prevent reflections. The barrel is made of high quality aluminium and the outer surface is treated with fine anode.

Metal outer layer hard wear-resistant, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, pollution-resistant. The lenses are made of environmentally friendly glass, and the quality is strictly monitored in each process, such as coating, polishing and so on. Its lenses are polished to the end and the coating is carefully developed by experienced technicians to achieve a better level of lens quality, so Bring you more shooting options and fun. Products made after rigorous quality testing and identification, the introduction of sales, high optics, the preparation of special double-sided coating and some multi-layer coating, reduce halo, reduce dispersion, effectively prevent from the lens surface reflection light and foreign halo effect, lens quality, with high analytical force, Make your images more extensive and clear, making your imaging colorful.

Characteristics and functions of ultra-wide angle lenses:

Super wide-angle lens is commonly known as fish-eye lens. Take 135mm SLR camera lens as an example, fish-eye lens is an ultra-wide-angle camera lens with a short focal length of less than 16mm and an angle of view of about 180 °. In order to maximize the photographic angle of view, The front lens of this camera lens is short in diameter and projecting toward the front of the lens because it is very similar to the eyes of the fish, so the view of the fish eye lens is given.

The biggest function of fisheye lens is its wide range of view, which can generally reach 220 degrees or 230 degrees, which creates conditions for close-range shooting of large-scale scenery; Fisheye lens can produce very strong perspective effect when close to the subject, emphasizing the contrast of the subject's near-large and far-small, so that the picture taken has a shocking appeal; Fisheye lens has a considerable depth of field, which is conducive to the table. There are two kinds of fisheye lenses, one is full of images like other lenses, the other is circular. Either way, the images taken with fisheye lenses are quite deformed and have a strong sense of perspective convergence.

1. Interesting prospects can produce powerful visual impact;
2. Depth of field can range from several centimeters to infinite distance.
3. Choose as few lines as possible and as few surfaces as possible as the subject. When composing a picture, place the subject in the center of the picture as far as possible, so as to make the distortion smaller.
4. On the contrary, the selection of as many horizontal lines and easily recognizable scenes as possible at the edge of the screen can maximize the distortion effect;
5. Take care to observe the edge of the viewfinder when viewing, see if there is a photographer's hand, feet, camera belt or photographer himself was ingested into the lens, so as not to affect the artistic effect of the picture;
6. For most fish-eye lenses, commonly used color filter are not available.

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